Is it possible in Kibana 5.1 to calculate minimum of 90th percentile of a field?

(Megha Sharma) #1

I have a field in my elasticSearch on which I want to perform minimum aggregation for each hour. Then I want to do 90th percentile for minimum of each hour for multiple days. Is it possible in Kibana 5.1?

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Megha,

Are you trying to get a Date Histogram line chart of an hourly or daily value? Or a data table? Or a single value representing the 90th percentile for the minimum of the whole timespan?

I think these additional options for Parent Pipeline and Sibling Pipeline aggregations were introduced in Kibana 5.3. Can you upgrade? (5.4 is actually the latest release. You would also have to update Elasticsearch to the same version).


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