Kibana 5 not creating index pattern

Kibana 5.2
Elastic 5.2

I have multiple indices that all start with suri- and then are appended by a date:

green  open suri-flow-2017.03.02     mMQbv7WfRSW_VDQCLd955g 5 0 185102  0   109mb   109mb
green  open suri-http-2017.03.02     ixK9DmNnR6OvfjqmgLYw3g 5 0  53776  0 184.6mb 184.6mb

When I am in the kibana configure index pattern page, I type suri-* and it fails to find my indices.

I have tried to delete all indices, the .kibana index, shutdown/restart and kibana will not see the indices I have created in elastic.

Any reason why this would happen. Any way to resolve this?

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I have the same problem. Every time when i try to create a new index pattern, my kibana stops to respond and alerts Elasticsearch plugin's is down.

Mine is slightly different, I cannot create an index pattern at all. When I type in the box nothing happens. It doesn't seem to acknowlegde what is in the ES database.

Sooooo My kibana is behind apache and something in the config is screwing with things. So I went direct to the box, launched firefox, and connected on localhost and I was able to do what I needed.

Advice for those with the issue, launch firefox from your server and connect over localhost. There is most likely something screwy with your httpd config

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