Kibana 5 w/ X-Pack stuck in Redirect Loop on login

Brand new install of Kibana 5.0.1. Works fine until I install the Kibana X-Pack plugin, then the site gets stuck in a 302 Redirect loop. When I go to myserver.mydomain:5601 the site loops between / and /login?next=%2F on port 5601.

There's no proxy involved here yet, I'm just trying to validate the Kibana install at this point. All Kibana settings are default except I've changed to my server's name so I can reach Kibana over the network.

I've tried from incognito browsers, restarted many times... I'm stumped. Any ideas?

I just spun up a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 VM and installed Kibana and Kibana's X-Pack plugin on it and have the same problem. Perplexing that no one else seems to be having this issue!

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This is currently an open issue. Ensure you have the x-pack plugin installed in Elasticsearch as well.

Thanks. I did have x-pack on ES too, but the problem was that I had ES behind a proxy, so in kibana.yml I had set elasticsearch.url: http://my.elasticsearch.url/ because the proxy was listening on port 80. Turns out I had to explicitly set it to port 80 like http:/my.elasticsearch.url:80/ otherwise it was still trying port 9200. And then I guess since Kibana couldn't see my ES cluster, it then exposed the bug here where it got stuck in a login loop.

Anyhow, fixing elasticsearch.url also fixed this redirect problem. Thanks!

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