049f85 Kibana Heroku Add-on infinite loop

(Dan Draper) #1

Clicking the Kibana link in the ES Cloud dashboard (Heroku add-on) just results in an infinite redirect loop.

We've been using the cluster for weeks but I hadn't tried using Kibana until now.

Any idea?

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @coderdan,

when I have come across this behavior, clearing the browser cache often helped. If that does not resolve it, then there might be a problem with the communication between Kibana and the Elasticsearch cluster. In that case I would ask you to contact the Elastic Cloud support team via your so they can take a look at the status of your cluster. Elastic has recently improved its Cloud support by moving to a ticket-based system (see this blog post for the announcement).

(system) #3

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