Kibana 502 error after changing ES URL in kibana.yml

So I am trying to set up Kibana with elasticsearch. I have indices set up and can be viewed in terminal. I couldn't get the data linked to kibana, but I realized that kibana defaults to localhost:9200v in kibana.yml. So I changed it to the url of the cluster I'm using, and upon reloading, i get a 502 error in kibana browser. either that or "Kibana server is not ready yet." It changes depending on the refresh. If i comment out the ES URL i can get back to kibana in browser (with no data to load of course).

I am able to curl the kibana url at 5601 (it's not localhost in my situation) and also get the "kibana server is not ready yet"

Could you please check the log output of the Kibana server where it's started. It should hold information on why it's not ready, and what it's stuck on.

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