Problem connecting Kibana to remote ES cluster

Hi y'all

I'm kinda new to ELK and trying to setup an environment to monitor my ES "version 2.4" cluster.

My environment consists of a cluster of 3 nodes, production, then a server running Kibana, and Logstash n Beats.

On the machine running Kibana i have installed ES "version 6.8.2" to test out the environment and kibana has no issues accessing it from, however once i change the elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY:9200"], this is my production server local IP address which is in the same network as kibana server, under kibana.yml, i get the message saying Kibana server is not ready yet.

I'm using NGINX to proxy the server.

Would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on my path.


Hello Alex,

Have you exposed port 9200 on your production server hosting Elasticsearch? What happens when you run the following command from your Kibana host using your server's ip address?

curl -X GET "<server ip address>:9200/_cat/health?v&pretty"


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Hello Aaron

Thanks for you response.
I believe i got this part right, nonetheless here is the result of curl:

Could the version of it be the cause?
My ES is ver 2.4 as for the rest of the stack I installed the latest

as far as i know:
best practice is to upgrade ES always first. When ES is 2.4 , Kibana should be 2.4 or lower.

the different between 2.4 and 6.8.2 is huge :open_mouth:

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I know, but I'm using the type feature whis is deprecated in 5.2 and above, if I upgrade I'll be royally doomed, I'm trying to upgrade to 5.2 and retry the whole process again

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