Kibana 6.1.0 visualization

(sean) #1

im using kibana 6.1.0
how can i get this scroll bar removed if i only pick 3 data with this visualization size?

and one more thing, so im using metric visualization and split by term, and this happen

i hope it could be look like this

can someone fix this?

(Tim Roes) #2


regarding the scroll bar: Your table has multiple pages, you can still see that there is space needed for the pagination of the table below it, that's why the scrollbar shows up.

Regarding the metrics: We currently don't have an option to just disable the "metric label", but not the value label as you sketched. You can disable legends all together by unchecking the "Show labels" options in the Options tab.

You can also specify a custom label for behind the dash with the "Custom label" options below the metrics aggregation, but not disable it completely.

You could open a feature request on GitHub for this feature.


(sean) #3

regarding the metrics: what i mean is, compared to the older kibana (6.0.0), the label (Top 5 Usage) is only showed once that look like this

but the newer kibana (6.1.0) showed the label for every splitted terms

(sean) #4

and regarding to the scroll bar on the table visualization, also compared to the older kibana (6.0.0), when i pick only 3 rows and even my table has multipage pages, but the scroll bar doesnt showed up

and the newer kibana (6.1.0), theres some blue box showed up,i think this blue box sizes is to small that cause the scroll bar to showed up

(Tim Roes) #5

This is actually caused by increased padding/margins on the dashboard panels. You can track #15594, which describes the same issue just with another visualization type.

(Stacey Gammon) #6

Specifically for the too big of margins on the bottom of data tables I filed

(sean) #7

ok thanks! @timroes and @Stacey_Gammon, i hope this bug could be fixed, and how about the metric label, why does the kibana 6.1.0 show multiple labels instead of just one like the kibana 6.0.0 ? is this considering as a bug or it is the new feature of kibana 6.1.0 ?

(Tim Roes) #8

Regarding the labels: The metrics visualization was based (I guess since 5.6) on a different implementation (it shared the implementation with gauge/goal charts). Since this implementation caused a lot of troubles (more technical details, it was based on SVG not on plain HTML anymore, which is really bad at line breaking and such), we reverted it with 6.1 to its original implementation again.

You can file a bug on GitHub to implement the single title in the metrics visualization if you think such a feature would be useful.

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