Kibana 4.1.2 Small dashboard issues


I'm currently struggling with two issues:

  1. Scrollbars. I want to avoid extra scrollbars at all costs. I currently have a search query placed below the visualization panels in my dashboard. This allows me to show the results after filtering by clicking filters inside the visualization panels.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to avoid the scrollbar produced by the search query panel, although it pages the results automatically. Any idea how to force the removal of a vertical scrollbar? It would allow my Datatables to be smaller as well.
I hoped editing the JSON-code inside the Search-object would do the trick but I couldn't figure it out.

  1. I have a Vertical Bar Chart as my first visualization on the panel. Unfortunately, it doesn't show certain _types when their total amount is very small compared to the other types, even when other panels show their existence.

For example: I have a panel that shows all different error-codes: error, fatal, warning and info.
When there are 10 fatal errors and 1000+ warnings, clicking on the fatals doesn't produce anything in the Vertical Bar Chart, even resulting in a Data Not Found :frowning: error.

Any idea how to fix these issues?

Kind regards,


Could you paste some screenshots to illustrate the problem, when you get a chance?

Sure, I took 3 pictures:

Picture 1: the default dashboard showing all available logs in the last 10d. The Histogram above shows what types of logs were sent at what moment. The 4 panels below allow additional filtering but have a fixed size. They have to be this big or they'll show a scrollbar, even when there's hardly any data to show (like in the first panel).

Picture 2: A Discovery search placed below the panels above. It shows the resulting logs after the filters are selected in the panels. It's unfortunate that there's no way to OR these filters, only AND's are possible it seems. Note how there's a secondary scrollbar in this panel next to the scrollbar of the entire page. I don't like how there's no way to make the discovery panel a fixed size without a scrollbar but with additional pages.

Picture 3: After selecting the JC-STARTED tag in the fourth panel, there's only 3 logs remaining but they aren't shown on the histogram above. This is slightly annoying and not so clean in my opinion as it can seem as something went wrong.

Any solutions?