Horizontal scroll in kibana discover

When iam seeing the data through kibana search.
This horizontal scrollbar issue is big trouble for us especially when there are more number of columns and rows.
While seeing the data, horizontal scroll bar is appearing only when we scrolled down the vertical scroll bar till end(i,e till the last row). Then to check few more columns we need to go back again to the top check it end and repeat the process again for other columns.

Is there any way and any settings to be done in kibana search so that the horizontal scroll bar will appear by default in the kibana search without going to the last.

By default search view with no horizontal scroll bar:

Horizontal scroll bar appearing after scroll the vertical tillthe last row :

Could anyone please suggest me a way to get the horizontal scroll displayed by default when the number of columns are more, so that user check the data very easily.

The fix for the fixed horizontal scrollbar is available in 5.6 or later (see https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/13516). If you're using an earlier version of Kibana, you may need to apply the same fix or play around with the CSS overflow property to get the scrollbar to stay fixed.

Hi Catherine_liu,

I have checked the link provided by you, but there is no exact information for fixing this issue. I have gone to the issue #12416 which is there in the link provided by you.
Whatever written in my issue, its exactly same thing happening with me to get a horizontal scrollbar i need to drag vertical one till the last row then the horizontal scroll bar is appearing.

I have gone through the comments in that issue, it was mentioned they are unable to reproduce the issue in firefox. But in my case i am using chrome for checking the data through kibana search.

Could you please let me know any concrete solution to have fix for this.

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Hi Catherine_liu,

I recently updated our ELK stack to 6.4.0 and am seeing a similar problem - the horizontal scrollbar is now way down at the bottom of the screen, which is a real useability pain.

I remember this issue was fixed in a 5.x version (I guess its the one you're quoting - can't remember exactly) and it seemed to work fine since then - I don't recall seeing the bug in earlier 6.x versions I used.

Is it possible this bug has crept back into the 6.4.0 release?



This seems to be intermittent - I saw the problem this morning where the scrollbar was down at the bottom of the result set, but having just done some other queries I've realised that the scrollbar is now 'floating' correctly....?

If I see the issue reoccur I'll try to remember to take some screenshots and add them here.

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