Horizontal scroll not visible in kibana dashboard

When i am seeing the data through kibana search.
This horizontal scrollbar issue is big trouble for us especially when there are more number of columns and rows.
While seeing the data, horizontal scroll bar is appearing only when we scrolled down the vertical scroll bar till end(i,e till the last row). Then to check few more columns we need to go back again to the top check it end and repeat the process again for other columns.

Is there any way and any settings to be done in kibana search so that the horizontal scroll bar will appear by default in the kibana search without going to the last.

Are you looking for this option in Kibana Data Table visualization?

Can you explain your case in more detail please.

An image explaining your issue would be more useful.

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Screenshots and more details would be helpful.

I just tested in 8.5.0 both a saved search and a lens table and both show the horizontal scrollbar without issues

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I am looking in Discover in kibana..And I am using version 7.5.0.
In this I want horizontal scroll..Right now for scrolling horizontally I need to scroll down to complete last row.

How are you creating this table?

Are you using the saved search and adding it to the dashboard, or you are creating a Data Table Visualization?

I am using saved search and adding it to the dashboard.

In discover, go to options, and see the mode.

Try changing it, then save your search with a new name again.

Delete the existing one in the dashboard and then add the new one. Check if this works.

If not, you can go to visualization, data table and create a same kind of view with the required fields.

I don't have option tab in discover.. :pensive:
I have only new, open, share and inspect.

Can you please tell me your version?

It's 7.16.3

Do one thing, in Stack Management, go to Advance Settings and look for the below option if you get.

If not, then create a Data Table Visualization and try it.


I don't have admin access..
I will try with Data Table Visualization and let you know..

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There is not much option in data table visualization..
It only shows aggregation functions

Actually I checked the admin setting, there is no option for classic view.

You are on a really old version of Kibana. I tested it and indeed the scrollbar shows up only at the end of the listing.

In advanced settings you can reduce the number of rows to a smaller number, say 10

So now in the dashboard your saved search has only 10 rows and will show the horizontal bar without scrolling

In any case I would encourage you to upgrade to a more recent version of the stack to get a much better user experience.

Which version are you using.Could you please specify it?

Can you please confirm..whether its possible to create same table using visualization?
because I tried with visualization and didn't get all the fields and logs which are coming are lesser than the saved search ones.

My last screenshots came from 7.5. The only way to see individual records on Dashboards is with saved search, table viz is an aggregation

okay..Thanks a lot..

As mentioned 7.5 is EOL and no longer supported, you should really be upgrading ASAP.