Kibana 6.2.4 unauthorized exception with elasticsearch 6.2.4 for basic authentication*not X-pack Plugin*

I have setup kibana 6.2.4 with elasticsearch 6.2.4. Elasticsearch cluster has basic authentication. I am supplying the creds through kibana.yml file. However still i am facing Authorization error. The same settings were working fine with Kibana 5.6.5 and Elasticsearch 5.6.5. Can somehelp help where am going wrong? Let me know if more details are required.

Hey @saiksrm have you ensured that the username/password that you're setting in your kibana.yml for elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password are the correct username/password?

You can test them out by executing a curl similar to the following against Elasticsearch:

curl -u elastic:changeme http://localhost:9200

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