Kibana 6.2. - Authentication Exception

I installed ELK 6.2. I created some index in ES and i would like to connect Kibana to ES. I do not use x-pack. When I connect to my kibana server on i am prompted for user and password. Its user created for communication with ES. When I log in, i cant do anything, i just see this error:

Error: Authentication Exception
at processQueue (
at Scope.$digest (
at Scope.$apply (
at done (
at completeRequest (
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (

So I can't add any index pattern, etc... When i connect to ES with head plugin for chrome, everything works fine and i can see my index.

This is my kibana.yml:

server.port: 5601 ""
elasticsearch.url: ""
elasticsearch.username: admin
elasticsearch.password: admin

Can anybody help me and explain me where is the problem?

When you connect to kibana server and are prompted for user and password, what user and password do you enter?

I enter user admin and password admin. I logged in when i insert this credentials, otherwise it ask for user and password again.

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