Kibana 6.3 dev ssl error

(Robert) #1

I am attempting to get kibana 6.3 devlopment working
I cloned and ran yarn kbn bootstrap
and attempted to run ./bin/kibana --dev --no-base-path

This was working in 6.2 but in 6.3 i get error unable to verify the first certificate 'unable_to_verify_leaf_signature'

I also set strict-ssl to false in ~/.npmrc .yarnrc

my kibana config does not have any ssl / https i am using http://hostname:9200 for the elastic url

I have also set ssl.verificationMode to false

As an added complication I doing this on a non internet connected pc
not sure what else to do

(Robert) #2

I think I have an idea what was causing my odd cert issue. Xpack in de mode seems to want to download some stuff e.g phantomjs and our internal github mirror does not have a correct cert

fixed it with the NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED = "0" node options which I added to /bin/kibana proably not the best solution

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