Unable to build Kibana 6.7 source code

Hello Team,

I am trying to build kibana 6.7 source code. however i am getting 'self signed certificate in certificate chain' error when it tries to get geckodriver.

OS: Windows 10
Kibana : 6.7
Node: 10.15.2
Yarn : 1.16

I found the following link with same issue but not sure if i will be able to setup without proxy

I have already set http_proxy and https_proxy and i was able to build kibana 6.3 source code successfully. i think geckodriver is not present in Kibana 6.3

Do i have to set proxy in npm or yarn?
Can we manually download and resolve this particular dependency?

any pointers to resolve the issue are really appreciated.

Thank you,

@adityaPsl I do see geckodriver listed in our package dependencies. What's command are you using to install Kibana's dependencies? If you're using a self-signed HTTPS proxy you might need to run npm config set strict-ssl false. I should also warn you about self-signed certificates being a potential security issue, so please exercise caution if this is a registry you don't own/manage.

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