Build kibana via proxy

i have a source code of kibana 7.3.3
i want to build kibana by :

yarn build --skip-node-download --skip-os-packages --skip-archives

i have no internet access except an http proxy!
i want to build kibana by using this proxy but i get this error:

yarn run v1.16.0
$ node scripts/build --skip-node-download --skip-os-packages --skip-archives
 info [  global  ] Verifying environment meets requirements
   │ succ Node.js version verified
   │ succ ✓ 0 sec

 info [  global  ] Cleaning artifacts from previous builds
   │ debg Deleting patterns: [ '/home/user/Desktop/Sources/kibana/kibana/build',
   │        '/home/user/Desktop/Sources/kibana/kibana/target' ]
   │ debg Deleted 0 files/directories
   │ succ ✓ 0 sec

 info [  global  ] Verifying previously downloaded node.js build for all platforms
   │ERROR failure
   │ERROR Error: connect ENETUNREACH
   │          at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1104:14)

error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

I try several ways e.g:

yarn config set http_proxy http://....
yarn config set https_proxy http://...


yarn config set httpProxy http://...
yarn config set httpsProxy http://...

I also try http_proxy='http://...' in terminal but it does not work!

Please clear steps for building kibana!

Hey @lstoneir,

Let's wait for any other replies, but I'm afraid any Kibana development related flows aren't easy/possible when you're behind a proxy (even if you manage to bypass this Node download issue, you'll have more problems at the next steps), see more details here.


If you look more closely, you will see that i am using --skip-node-download.
so i no need to download node_modules again. because i downloaded it before.
unfortunately, now i have not any connection to internet except A Http Proxy.
so i have to build kibana using this proxy.
i have a question: i'm already download node_modules! Why do I need the Internet for build kibana?

please help, i'm stucked in. @azasypkin

If you read it more attentively :stuck_out_tongue: , you'll see that this option is about node (NodeJS binary) and has nothing to do with node_modules that should be downloaded.

But all jokes aside, it's just how it works and explained in the link I've already shared and I don't think we can do much here. Let's wait and see maybe someone else has other ideas though.

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it means that there is no way to build via proxy?!


Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to do that.


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