Kibana 6.3 Reporting option not available

I have just installed ELK via apt-get on Ubuntu 16.04, I am unable to see the reporting option when looking at the dashboards.

Is there something I may have missed in my installation ?

Many Thanks


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Do you see a Reporting link in the Management section?

I have the same exact issue. There is no Reporting menu option on both the Dashboard, and Visualize pages. There is a Reporting option on the Discover page, and there is also a Reporting option in the Management page. I am on ELK 6.3 basic licence, OpenSuse 42.3 Leap 64-Bit.

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I do have the reporting option available in the Management section of Kibana, however as with uburamba, I do not have the reporting option in either the dashboard or the visualisation screens only form the discover tab.

Is there a config I can check to see if it is enabled or not ?

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