Reporting not available in Dashboard tab


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I installed ELK 6.3 with X-Pack basic license. After enabling reporting in Kibana.yml file, I was able to see the reporting option in my Discover tab, but the Dashboard tab does not have the reporting option.
I see there was an Open issue Kibana 6.3 Reporting option not available , but it was not answered.



(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hi Raji, this sounds like a bug. Could you please report it as an issue on our repo?


(Raji Sankaran) #3

Opened issue at

(Raji Sankaran) #4

I have not got any response till now on the open bug. Is it possible this could be a configuration or a license issue?

(CJ Cenizal) #5

Hi Raji, I just added the appropriate labels to the issue so that our engineers will be pinged about it. We have a significant workload so please expect a few days before getting a reply.

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Thanks @cjcenizal!

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