Kibana 6.4.2 to Kibana 7.0 simple scripted field issue

Porting over my stuff from 6.4.2 I had a very simple scripted field that looks like this (all values are in format Number:

doc['ADN-KR'].value+doc['ADN-SSL-KR'].value+doc['LF-KR'.value]+doc['LF-SSL-KR'].value... about 10 of these fields they are all numbers and it worked fine.

in 7.0
doc['ADN-KR'].value causes an error (shard fails)
doc['ADN-KR'] works fine
doc['ADN-KR']+anything else fails (shard fail)

in 7.0 this kind of works:
doc['ADN-KR'].sum()+doc['ADN-SSL-KR'].sum() ... but any time it can blow up for no reason

The logs don't seem to tell me why I get 2 types of errors:

  1. shard fails but the error only shows my script and not why it failed
  2. agg.params.field.format.toJSON is not a function. (In 'agg.params.field.format.toJSON()', 'agg.params.field.format.toJSON' is undefined)

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