Kibana [6.7.2] Cannot find module 'babel-register' when building with Jenkins


I am building Kibana 6.7.2 from source via Jenkinsfile. OS is Windows 10.

The build process executes the following tasks in the given order:

  1. set node version to 10.15.2
  2. yarn kbn bootstrap
  3. yarn build --skip-os-packages --oss --skip-archives
  4. cd into build/oss/my_kibana_build and yarn install
  5. zip build in build/oss/my_kibana_build

When I download my build, and try to run bin/kibana.bat and immediately the Cannot find moudle 'babel-register' error is thrown.

I've read this is due to corrupt version download, but I have repeated the build multiple times and get the same error every time.

Is it possible the build process is corrupting the .zip it outputs? Should I be using the files that are output in build/oss to zip from, or is this the wrong destination?

When I execute these steps manually (i.e. not through the Jenkins pipeline), kibana will spin up without error


I think you might be using an intermediate build directory - I would highly recommend allowing the build to create the archives and using those file from the target directory.

  1. set node version to cat .node-version
  2. yarn kbn bootstrap
  3. yarn build --skip-os-packages --oss
  4. grab archives from target directory

Thanks Tyler, I have been playing around with it and I think you're correct.

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