Kibana 7.10 custom plugin grayed out in dashboard

I've create a test plugin for Kibana 7.10 using logic from a 7.8 plugin. It works fine when I create a visualization using the custom plugin. However, when I add the visualization to a dashboard everything is grayed out and I cannot click on the buttons. Is there some config setting I need to set for my plugin in 7.10 to allow it to work within the dashboard? No error messages are displayed in the console. Here is a screenshot of the visualization:

And here it is loaded in a dashboard:

This is part of the loading state of the embeddable. So your embeddable should set loading = false to get full color, on the EmbeddableOutput that it provides.

I'm currently not using an embeddable object. Can you point me to an example 7.10 plugin that uses this?

So you've registered a custom visualization instead. You have two options:

  1. createBaseVisualization if you are providing a toExpressionAst. Your expression is supposed to indicate that it's done rendering using the handlers.
  2. createReactVisualization if you are using a custom React renderer

Yes, I'm creating a React visualization like this:

export class ExprExamplePlugin implements Plugin<ExprExamplePluginSetup, ExprExamplePluginStart> {
   public setup(core: CoreSetup, setupDeps: SetupDependencies) {
         name: 'test_plugin',
         title: 'Test Plugin',
         icon: visIcon,
         description: 'Test plugin',
         visConfig: {
           component: Visualization,
           defaults: {
         editorConfig: {
           optionsTemplate: Editor,
         requestHandler: 'none'

   public start() { }
   public stop() { }

Does your Visualization component call the renderComplete prop when it renders?

No it does not. I'm assuming that is causing the issue? Do you have some source code example that shows where/how to properly call that prop?

Thanks for your help. I got it working by adding the following functions:

componentDidMount() {

componentDidUpdate() {

I had to dig around the Kibana source code to figure that out. If you can think of a good place to document this then we'd appreciate a Github issue or pull request

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