Kibana 7.16.3 installing/using jsPDF for custom plugins

We are in the process of converting our Kibana 7.10.2 custom plugins into Kibana 7.16.3 custom plugins. We use the jsPDF module for creating pdfs of our dashboards for downloading. We are having issues using jsPDF in Kibana 7.16.3. We tracked it down to the fflate module that gets installed with jsPDF. For some reason fflate only has a couple functions defined within it when installed through Kibana. So jsPDF is trying to call a function from within fflate that is not there. Through some googling, we have found this message on the fflate readme file:

If your environment does not support bundling: (then import fflate like this)
import * as fflate from 'fflate/esm/browser.js'

If we modify the jsPDF js code to load fflate like what is listed above, then jsPDF works as it should. However, we don't want to keep a local copy of jsPDF and modify it to load fflate in this way. We just want to do an npm install of jsPDF. Does anyone know why the bundling seems to not be working properly in Kibana 7.16.3 custom plugins? Or if there is a setting we need to change to support this? We didn't have this issue with Kibana 7.10.2.

We're still having issues with this. Any one have any suggestions on why Kibana 7.16.3 doesn't seem to be bundling node modules?

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