Kibana plugin & nodejs apps


I'm working on a kibana plugin and I m facing some problems in integratin phantomjs as a third library (fs, childModule and other modules could not be found) .
Is there a way to integrate phantomjs as a third library?
If I have some nodejs application, could I install it as a plugin for kibana ?


hi @nrhelmi,

that's a pretty broad question.

For the phantom-dependency, it depends how you would like to do that. You can download the different phantom-distros, and depending on the platform, unzip the appropriate one, and call the executable. I'm not an expert, but that's generally how it is done.

As for creating a Kibana plugin, that requires you to check out the Kibana source-code. As for a getting-started, I'd start with this video.

You can then take a look at the guide to get some overview of developing for Kibana.

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