Node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin -> [bootstrap] failed


I set up my dev environment following this steps:
1 - git clone[MY_USERNAME]/kibana.git kibana-6.3
2 - cd kibana-6.3
3 - yarn kbn bootstrap
4- node scripts/makelogs
5- bin>elasticsearch.bat
6 - yarn start
Kibana works!

Now, I would like to build a Kibana application using the Kibana plugin generator, I used :
.../kibana-6.3> node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin

The kibana-extra folder created and I found the plugin my_plugin but I got this message in my console:

[bootstrap] failed:

CliError: [my-discover] depends on [@elastic/eslint-config-kibana] using
'link:', but the path is wrong. Update its package.json to the expected value

Q1: What means this message?
Q2: How can I integrate this plugin in my Kibana? (kibana-plugin.bat install file:///... will work?)
Q3: Is this the only way to develop a Kibana app?

Thanks for advance :smile:

This looks like a bug in the plugin generator to me, would you mind filing an issue on our github repo?

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