Unable to use the generate_plugin.js script in Kibana

I tried to run the plugin generator included in Kibana 7.0.0-alpha, but generate_plugin.js script doesn't exist after upgrading Kibana by running the .deb installation file for Kibana 7.0.0-alpha. I know I successfully installed Kibana 7.0.0-alpha because it runs properly through the browser. In addition, I attempted to run the script directly from clone of the git repo but I got a "Error: Cannot find module '@kbn/plugin-generator'" error. Do I have to manually define the generate_plugin script? I wasn't even able to find a scripts folder within my Kibana installation directory.

Thanks for posting. generate_plugin.js should be there, as it still exists on master: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/master/scripts/generate_plugin.js This sounds like a bug in the deb package maybe, so I would suggest creating an issue in the Kibana Github repo.

I downloaded the whole alpha repository locally and still got the same error.

When I pull source locally and run this:

Bills-MacBook-Pro:kibana bmcconaghy$ node scripts/generate_plugin.js myplugin
? Provide a short description (An awesome Kibana plugin)

works for me.

I resolved it. I didn't run the yarn install to install the dependencies. Thank you.

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