Kibana 7.4 Can i change or remove labels in management page?

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I am using kibana 7.4 . Can i change or remove euiSideNavItem euiSideNavItem--trunk labels. I changed a lot of things in /usr/share/kibana/ path but it doesn't work.


Hey @Burak_Cayir, I'd recommend you don't modify the source of Kibana as it'll make your customizations hard to maintain as we release new versions. Are there specific items which you're looking to hide? If you use security, you can grant users a sub-set of privileges which will make certain features unusable.

Hey @Brandon_Kobel, yes I have created new user for these features , and that user cannot use security and elastic features. When user click this links , kibana says "you do not have permission". But I would that user should not see the features links except reporting feature also. Is it possible ?


Hey @Burak_Cayir, unfortunately that won't be possible until we address

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