Kibana 7.4 language server installation

I am trying to install java as a language server but each time I try I get this error:
/bin/kibana-plugin: No such file or directory
I added the files and directories, and the error changed to:
bin/kibana-plugin: Is a directory

the step I try to do in order to add the language is run the following command:
bin/kibana-plugin install

Please help,

Hi @Faten

the kibana-plugin is an executable inside the bin directory where you have installed kibana.
It should be there. The path is not /bin/kibana-plugin because this path refers to the root of your filesystem, but it's on bin/kibana-plugin relative to the kibana root directory.

Saying that, I've to warn you that the Code application was in beta/experimental phase in kibana 7.4 and it was removed starting from 7.5. Here you can find the release note and the removal notes:

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