Kibana: command not found

I installed kibana with apt-get in ubuntu 14.04

Then I want to install sense, but there is no kibana command.

Where is it installed?

It will be under /opt/kibana/bin. The packages do not add their scripts/binaries into the usual bin directories. If you need to call them directly like when installing plugins, you'll have to specify the full or relative path to them.

Thank you. Got it. I've installed sense.

Is there any document about this installation location?

No I don't believe the install paths for the packages are documented. The instructions for installing plugins, for example Sense, assume you are already in the Kibana install path (i.e., /opt/kibana) and the command examples use relative paths.

Ok, I think the default installation path should should be documented. Anyway, thank you.

You can always use dpkg-query -L name-of-package to list the files installed by a package.

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Thank you so much.