Installing Sense on Win10

Trying to install Sense on Win10. Elastic node went in fine and is up and running as well as Kibana.

Any help would be great. Never used anything like this before.

What version of Elasticsearch are you using?

If you're on 5.x, Sense has been renamed to "Console" and is part of X-Pack for kibana directly. Directions here:

If your'e on 2.x, it's a separate Kibana plugin. Directions here:

2.4.1 is the version on the folder name for ES.
Will try out what you posted and see how it goes.

Kibana version is 4.6

So went to the link you posted. Already tried that from earlier.
I download the file manually and unpacked it.
Is there some separate windows command to get it running?

Ah right, forgot about windows. There should be a .bat file in the same bin directory for windows usage. E.g. the command:

$./bin/kibana plugin --install elastic/sense


C:\some\dir> bin\kibana.bat plugin --install elastic/sense

I believe manual file installation looks like this:

bin\kibana.bat plugin --install sense --url file:///C:\elastic\sense.tar.gz


bin\kibana.bat plugin --install sense --url file://C:\elastic\sense.tar.gz

I don't remember if it requires two or three forward slashes, you may have to fiddle. Been a while since I've used windows :slight_smile:

what's the url?

--url is just the way you tell the plugin script a specific location. In this case, the "url" is the file you downloaded.

Or you can use the first command (bin\kibana.bat plugin --install elastic/sense) to download the latest version from the web

I actually prefer the Chrome browser Sense plugin. Search for the chrome plugin and see what you think. You can install/use both. I do and actually like the Chrome Sense a little better. Less busy interface and does the same thing.

Simply Google up Sense plugin for Chrome?

Yes. Here is a link.

So I installed the plugin.
Says server: localhost:9200

Which, that should be the instance of ES I have running on this laptop.

I'm assuming the browser is talking to the ES node so far?

You will have to change the elasticsearch.yml file address to the IP address of the host (your tablet) instead of localhost or
Restart Elasticsearch and then use that address:port in the sense plugin.

10 4
Will give that a try in a bit.

Thanks Mark.

Less busy interface and does the same thing.

Only thing to note is that it's quite old, and the "autocomplete database" hasn't been updated in quite some time. E.g it's old enough that it doesn't know about aggregations, at least not last time I looked :slight_smile:

Polyfractal Thanks That is good info to know.


Any .deb file for sense pakage?