Problem to install Sense to ElastiticSearch 5.1.1 (Windows version)

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Hi Guys,

I have successfully installed: -

  1. Kibana 5.1.1 (Windows version)
  2. ElasticSearch 5.1.1(Windows version)

I have problem to install sense (get from ) to ElasticSearch 5.1.1 (Windows version).

Here is the command i found from

bin/kibana plugin -i sense -u file:///PATH_TO_SENSE_TAR_FILE

After altering the command to suit my environment, i have following error: -

ERROR unknown command plugin
Usage: bin/kibana [command=serve] [options]

It seems like the command is updated to different version and new version of ElasticSearch has a plugins folder for us to place the unzip plugin. So, i place the unzip sense to the plugins folder and start the ElasticSearch server.

I get following error:-

undefined accessed the autoload lists which are no longer available via the Plug
in API.Use the ui/autoload/* modules instead.
log [09:05:31.996] [warning] Plugin "sense" was disabled because it expected
Kibana version "2.0.0-beta7", and found "5.1.1".

I have checked thru github sense repo and it mentioned : -

"HEADS UP: This repo is deprecated. Sense is now included as Console in Kibana 5.0. File issues over at elastic/kibana"

I am confuse with that statement. Where can i get the latest version of Sense? What is meant by "included as Console"?

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Sense has been renamed Console and is available in Kibana by default in version 5.x. Look under the Dev Tools menu item in the left menu bar.

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Hi Christian_Dahlqvist,

Thank you. I manage to find the console.

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