Kibana 7.6.1 How Does Discover's Search Bar Work

Hi, I'm trying to integrate SQL as an alternative option to KQL in the discover search bar. Essentially redirecting inputed queries and POST them to hostname:9200/_opendistro/_sql

It seems call_client.ts in the Kibana source code sends the inputed query to ElasticSearch, but I can't find the implementation on how it is sent. I really appreciate any help or suggestions.

Before you venture into this , have you checked out if ES-SQL works for you? Elasticsearch SQL, you can access that full text search, blazing speed, and effortless scalability with a familiar query syntax. Here is a blog post about it

Let us know if this is what you were looking for.


Thanks for the reply! I'm aware of the Elasticsearch SQL, but I do want to see if it's possible to change where inputted queries in the discover search bar are sent.

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