Kibana 7.6 : Reported number of Kibana instance is false

Hello there,

After 7.6 upgrade, I noticed that the number of Kibana instance in Monitoring tab is not the good one.

I checked that my 2 Kibana instance can join the cluster : it's OK.

Monitoring still show only one Kibana instance on the two

Do you know if there is something in particular to do or this would be a bug following the upgrade in 7.6 ?

Thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I need a bit more information from you: how did you upgrade? Do both Kibana instances have a unique uuid? (You can find the uuid in the location of your kibana.yml, default is a folder called data) Did any other settings change in kibana.yml?

Hello @wylie !

I upgraded all the Stack, ending by Kibana.

I've just noticed that uuid are the same on the two Kibana :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Any way to generate a new uuid ?

I tried to remove the string, then restart Kibana but it can't start after that..So it's not the good way to have a new uuid

@wylie do you know a way to retrieve a new uuid for one of the two instance ?

Yes, look at this section of the docs:

Hey @wylie ! Thanks for your feedback

I followed your link which indicates to see the page for settings but no mention of the setting "server.uuid"

Finally I found a topic with the solution : stop kibana on one of the two Kibana server, remove /var/lib/kibana/uuid and restart. This will create a new uuid.

So I think documentation can be updated to integrate this setting :slight_smile:

@Travis I just learned about a bug in our packaging of 7.6.0 that you may be running into:

Yep good finding . This is exactly my issue.

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