One cluster, Two Kibana servers for HA - Monitoring shows One

I have one elasticsearch cluster with 10 nodes. Two of those nodes are client nodes with Kibana installed for HA. Under the Monitoring Tab, cluster, Kibana instances, it will show one of the two nodes for a while and then it will switch to the other.

It never shows both of the nodes at the same time. Is this normal or broken?

This is most likely due to both instances having the same UUID. This could be caused by setting the original Kibana instance up and copying the directory to another machine. To resolve this, you can delete the data/uuid file from either (or both) of the Kibana instances.

Removing the data/uuid file from both instances would get you off to a clean start.

Spot on! After stopping the service, deleting /var/lib/kibana/uuid and restarting, the two Kibana instances have different UUID and they now both show up correctly! Thank you!

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