Kibana monitoring, logstash only one node

I have three nodes currently. I have set in logstash.yml on all three nodes to send x-pack monitoring to one of my nodes.
When I go to that node and check in Kibana I can see monitoring for Logstash, but it does not show 3 nodes, it displayes one node at a time and cycles between them.

Clusters / CLUSTERNAME / Logstash
In that view I first see 01, then when I refresh I see 02 and refresh again and then I see 03. Not all three at the same time.
Any suggestions? :slight_smile:Thanks

My best guess is that your 3 nodes all have the same UUID because you copy and pasted the install directory across different machines instead of installing it from the documentation each time.

You can fix the problem by removing the data/uuid file from 2 of the nodes, and they will be recreated the nest time they are started.

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Your so true! :slight_smile:
I only removed the Elasticsearch data dir when I copied the VM. After have removed the data/uuid file som the other two nodes I can now see all three nodes in monitoring.

A real noob fault :slight_smile:

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