Kibana monitoring shows only 10 logstash nodes (again)

Following this thread:

The issue was indeed fixed in 5.2.1, but has returned in 5.3.0. Using Kibana and X-Pack 5.3.0, I cannot see more than 10 logstash nodes in the UI (even though I have more, and the "Nodes" field at the top of the page displays the correct number).

From what I see the fix for this issue only made it in 5.x after the 5.3 branch was created, so it's going to be fixed in 5.4.0. I'm looking at the PR right now and sadly it's only in 5.4.0 and onwards.

Isn't it possible to fix this in the 5.3 branch as well? the fix is literally one line :slight_smile:

I'm facing similar issue on 5.1.1
I have total 9 nodes(3 master/data/client) but kibana only listing 7 of 7. Refer screenshot.
Is it related to this bug? Would be great if someone can point me to the official bug report.

This is not the same issue - the issue I reported here is specific to logstash nodes, and Kibana shows only 10 logstash nodes because no size parameter is set in the query it sends to ElasticSearch, resulting in a default result set size of 10.

I doubt what you're seeing is a bug in Kibana - most likely the missing nodes are really not in your cluster. Does _cat/nodes show them?

Yes. All nodes present when I _cat/nodes

My screenshot also shows that Kibana did detect all my 9 nodes. Only that it doesn't shows detail my other 2 data nodes.

I've double checked and can assure that elasticsearch and x-pack version are correctly installed. No error log whatsoever.

I also have long running cluster of 7 nodes with the same 5.1.1 version without any issue.

Note: If its any help, I tested Bigdesk & Kopf/Cerebro and able to view all 9 nodes without any issue.

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