Kibana 7.7.0 cannot delete saved object and create new index

Hi there my Kibana is not able to create index and delete saved object.
Anyone might assist on checking.

My Kibana is build on docker with linux system

Thank you in advance

What version of Elasticsearch and Kibana are you running? Did you upgrade from some other version? Can you try deleting the saved object which is causing the issue and retry ? But keep in mind once you delete a saved object, it cannot be recovered .

Here is the API you can use to delete the saved object.


Do you have logs from the Kibana server ?

Current suspected is due to storage out of space issue. Will expand the storage and try again

Thank you for reply, im quite new to Kibana do you mind to share how to get the Kibana log?Im building my Kibana on docker.

I had try to do some minor research seen like required to export using filebeat. Any option can get the logs without that?

It depends on your kibana configuration file. You have the logging.dest parameter. By default is stdout so to get logs from you docker container you can try the following command:

sudo docker logs KIBANA_CONTAINER > kibana.log

Replace KIBANA_CONTAINER by the name of your kibana container. This command will create the file kibana.log containing your logs.

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