503 Error :Saved Object Service not available in kibana

Hi Elasticteam,

I have tried to delete my saved object but i am getting the attached error also while modifying the saved object pattern i am getting the error.

Please find the attached screenshots , could you please assist me ASAP.

i have already followed the below link but unable to get the index pattern id.


Currently i am using elastic and kibana version : 6.2.4



Hi ElasticTeam,

can someone please assist me here .??


Apologies regarding the slow response. Have you made progress? I'd like to help you figure this out.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your response !

However I did the troubleshooting on my own and fixed the issue.

but I will be more happy if you can respond to my issues ASAP :slight_smile: Cheers,

What was the solution?

Hi mattkime,

Sorry for the late response

I figured out my 6 node cluster was not functioning and nodes are unable to connect because 9300 port was not listening hence I have rebooted the VMs in rolling restart method post my cluster started working properly and kibana dashboard is also working fine.


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