There is a problem with this saved object A field associated with this object no longer exists in the index pattern. If you know what this error means, go ahead and fix it β€” otherwise click the delete button above

Hi Team,

I recently imported a saved object into the kibana, but some of the visualizations are working fine but some of them are throwing the above error. I see that there are few posts on thsi topic but i having trouble finding the path to fix it or atleast figuring out what is causing this.

So far, i exported the saved object file and tried to find the index field in that file. It seems that all the index fields have same value and still some of them are failing while others are passing. So i guess index filed does not look like be the issue here.

below is the screenshot of the error.

any help or suggestion how i can troubleshoot and fix this?


Hi John,

Can you check the kibana log does it have any detail about which fields maybe be giving the error?


Could also check under the index pattern fields.

Hi Liza,

Below is the snippet for index pattern fields

I couldn't find a location where kibana writes logs. Search shows that it's written at standard stdout and i couldn't find anything interesting there.


Thanks John, @joshdover any thoughts on how to debug this error?

Hello @Analyst

I had same problem.
Visualization stores index pattern ID, and if it is missing, Kibana will not save visualization.

You need to recreate pattern index with old ID or change its new ID in visualization.

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This error happens in a few cases:

  • The index pattern does not exist
  • The index pattern's field list does not include a field referenced by the Viz
  • ...possibly others

Handling of relationships in Saved Objects is a bit error prone before Kibana 7.0, but we might be able to get some more information from your browser's dev tools. Can you open the Network tab in the browser dev tools and look for the request that failed? In the "preview" tab for the request you may be able to find a list of missing fields from the index pattern.

In general, it may be a good idea to refresh the index pattern itself by going to Management > Index Patterns, find the one you're working with and clicking the "Refresh" icon in the top right.


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