Unable to Create/Delete Saved Objects 503 error

In the last few hours I have been unable to save any objects at all within Kibana. I am getting the same 503 error for all saved objects, like Dashboards, Visualizations, and Discover searches. However, all other features in Kibana appear to be working correctly

After clicking Save and entering a name for the Saved Object, there is a period of loading followed by the error message

"Search 'test' was not saved
Service Unavailable"

I am receiving this message as a Superuser, however, the error is occurring for all users and across all Spaces.

There are no error messages in the Elasticsearch or Kibana consoles, however, I am seeing the following error message in the browser console

'Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable)'

A restart of the Kibana application and the elasticsearch cluster did not resolve the issue, and no error messages are displayed in the console

Hi there,

A few questions to help me better understand what may be happening in your situation:

  • Are you running Kibana behind a proxy? If so, are there any error logs in the proxy's logs?
  • Are other functions working correctly? Can you view dashboards or visualizations? If so, it is only failing when you try to save things?
  • What is the response of hitting the /_status endpoint in Elasticsearch? It's possible you have a shard-related issue in the cluster.

We support Kibana deployments with 1000s of objects. Additionally, could you take a peek at the failing request in the "Network" tab of the dev tools? Specifically it'd be helpful to see the "Response headers" and the response body (available in the "Preview" tab of the request details pane).


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