Kibana 7.7.0 Custom Label not present

When I use bucket metric I can't find the "Custom Label". It happens in all visualizations!

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Yes the UX here is a bit confusing. What you have to do is click to type in the dropdown (click next to "Daily"), hit backspace to delete the current value, type what you are desiring (eg. "30s") and then hit the "Enter" key. After that you should be able to click the "Update" button to update the viz.

Let me know if that works or not!

Thanks for responding, but I don't think I was able to report the problem. The problem is not in customizing my range, but the label that appears in the description. In the image below we can see that in the metric sum there is a configuration option: "Custom label", in the average bucket we do not have the option "Custom label".

Ah, I got distracted by the highlight in the screenshot :slight_smile:

As of now, it does not appear that any of the "pipeline" aggregations support custom labels. You can open a feature request here.

I have found out that the custom label is no longer present after upgrading from 7.6.x to 7.7.0. Existing visualizations that already had a custom label prior to 7.7.0 are preserved and are still visible in the end result. Even if you make some small changes, the custom label is preserved. You can't change the custom label anymore however. For new visualizations, you can no longer set the customer label, which is annoying. In my opinion, this is a bug and not a feature request.

Visualization editor UI has been updated to the new styles, consistent with the rest of the platform and a more logical left-to-right flow of creating content #49864

This morning, I have upgraded Kibana to 7.7.1. Custom label is back again. Issue has been solved.

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My bad. Only metric aggregations have the custom label text field. Custom label is still missing in sibling pipeline aggregations. Verified in releases 7.7.x and 7.8.0.

temporary work-a-round in Custom Label field not available for MaxBucket aggregation

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