Kibana 7.8 New Feature (Drilldown)..How about going back UP?


This feature, much awaited (personally), was great news to see in 7.8.

However, Once I drilldown, there seems to be no-option to drill back up to the higher level Dashboard.

Can you please explain, if I am missing something?


I find the browser back button works pretty well.

You can also pick the dashboard link at the top of the page (the word dashboad) for a list of all dashboards and take a shortcut back to the top level dashboard. I find it fairly useful for resetting if my filters have gotten in a tangle. I keep fixing things and then saving dashboards with the drill down filters in place, so when I navigate back to the dashboard I get extra filters... :frowning:

Be nice if there was an 'open in a new page' option for drill downs - that way you could easily switch to any tab that was further back up you drill down sequence.

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