Kibana 8.0.0 - Unknown configuration key(s): "kibana.index"

Hi Team -
After i upgraded to 8.0.0 from 7.17.0 . Im getting below error.

What is the alternative syntax for "kibana.index" in 8.0.0
FATAL Error: Unknown configuration key(s): "kibana.index". Check for spelling errors and ensure that expected plugins are installed.


Hi @Harish619
This field was deprecated - Deprecate `kibana.index` setting by kobelb · Pull Request #83988 · elastic/kibana · GitHub and removed in 8.0 - [8.0] remove `kibana.index` config property by pgayvallet · Pull Request #112773 · elastic/kibana · GitHub, you need to remove it from your configuration.

From release notes:

Removes kibana.index settings

The kibana.index, xpack.reporting.index, and xpack.task_manager.index settings have been removed. For more information, refer to #112773.

Use spaces, cross-cluster replication, or cross-cluster search. To migrate to spaces, export your saved objects from a tenant into the default space. For more details, refer to #82020.

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