Kibana access control using LDAP


I am have now installed newer versions of ELK components.

Elasticsearch 5.4.1
Logstash 5.4.1
Kibana 5.4.1

And processing streaming SNMP and syslog feeds.

I have created couple of "saved searches" for group of hosts in kibana

Now I want to authenticate Kibana using LDAP and associate saved searches with different LDAP users/groups.

Can someone give me hints how to do this ?


To integrate your Elastic Stack products with LDAP, you will want to install the X-Pack plugin into Elasticsearch and Kibana.

As such, I have moved your post to the X-Pack forum.

The documentation for using the security features of X-Pack is here:

Have a read through that, and if you have specific questions the X-Pack forum is the best place to ask.

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