Kibana alert rule behavior


I am exploring the Kibana alerts feature by creating rules and trying to index the actions in an index..
I have it working, though the behavior of it seems unexpected (atleast from where I am standing)..

The rules interface has this note

If the time window is greater than the check interval and a document matches the query in multiple runs, it is used in only the first threshold calculation.

If I understand this correctly based on the behavior that I am seeing, if some documents matched in the earlier rule run, they will not be considered to evaluate against the threshold in the next run..

for ex, I set check every to 1 minute so that I get alerted as early as possible when things go wrong..
and, if I set time window to 120 minutes; even though there may be errors in last 120 minutes, alarm may not be considered active if errors didn’t happen between the last run and now (which is basically, last 1 minute)..

so, I might as well set the time window to 1. When would one want to set a very high value for time window compared to Check every?

(Ideally, what I am looking for is "Alert when the number of errors/timeperiod is greaterr than a certain threshold for last N time periods", similar to AWS Cloudwatch alerting behavior)


This has been addressed in 8.5 version according to @Patrick_Mueller on Elastic slack

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