Setting up Alerting in Kibana

Hi there! I am new to Elastic and trying to figure things out, so I hope you could help me out. I have setup Elasticsearch and Kibana and wanted to setup alerting feature in Kibana as well. I have uploaded sets of data that I will use for analysis and so on. My question is... when I set up alerting and created rules, will I be alerted for the already uploaded data? Please note that I am not going to ingest more data.

Hi @queencass,

Welcome to the community! I would recommend taking a look at the alerting guide. Depending on the rule and the timeframe condition you set it will apply to data with a timestamp within that time period.

You say you are not going to be ingesting more data. Can you explain what kind of rule you are looking to create and how long it will run for?

Hi @carly.richmond , this makes much more sense, thank you! Just to clarify — if I set the rule to capture events on the timeline of my static data (given of course that I have the correct rule), I would be able to be alerted. Is that correct?

Yes — I am not going to ingest more data for now. This is for test purposes. Once it's all setup, that's when I'll move forward with more data. Hope that makes sense.

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