How can i setup alerts in kibana for a dashboard?

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I am reaching out to inquire about the possibilities of setting up alerts in Kibana for specific dashboard charts within defined durations.

Our team has been utilizing Kibana for data visualization, and we find it immensely beneficial for monitoring and analyzing various metrics. To enhance our monitoring capabilities, we are interested in exploring the option of setting up alerts that would notify us when certain thresholds are met or conditions are triggered, specifically for charts on our Kibana dashboards.

Here are the key requirements we are looking to address:

  1. Alerts Based on Chart Metrics: We aim to receive alerts when specific metrics on our dashboard charts cross predefined thresholds or meet certain conditions. These metrics could include, but are not limited to, counts, averages, or other aggregations.
  2. Duration-Based Alerts: Alerts should be sensitive to the time duration in which the metric conditions persist. For example, we might want to receive alerts if a particular metric exceeds a threshold for a consecutive period of time.
  3. Notification Integration: Integration with notification channels such as email, Slack, or other messaging platforms would be highly valuable. This will ensure that the relevant team members are promptly informed when an alert is triggered.
  4. Dashboard Context in Alerts: It would be beneficial if the alert notifications could provide a link or contextual information to the specific dashboard and chart where the triggering condition occurred. This will streamline the troubleshooting process.

If there are features, plugins, or best practices within Kibana that facilitate the implementation of such alerts, we would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to set them up effectively.

Additionally, if there are any considerations or prerequisites that we should be aware of before implementing alerts in Kibana, please share them with us.

Thank you for your time and assistance. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate any insights or recommendations you can provide.

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@Abhiyash_Agrawal have you checked Kibana Alerting: Alerts & Actions for Elasticsearch data | Elastic or the official alerting forum and docs to see if you can find answers there? Also, some alerting features are paid only as would be able to check at Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic .

@mikecote is there something important do you think I'm missing here?

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