Can I add alerts to a dashboard?

I am creating a dashboard to show stats on a certain event. I was wondering if it is possible to also show any alerts relating to this event in another panel on the dashboard?

You can set up alerting in Kibana. See: Alerting | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

This wouldn't be tied directly to your dashboard, but you could have your dashboard include lines to represent the thresholds that your alerts are configured at, so that you can use the two in conjunction. An example:

Is there a way I could show the alerts generated when I hit that threshold below the graph?

Or even better is there a way I can create a link to the alerts that were created?

You could use the webhook connector to write to an ES index that there as an alert event, and then have that index visualized in your dashboard? Watcher might be a more straightforward way to do this. See:

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