Is there a way to show alerts as thresholds in visualizations?

Hello there!
I really enjoy the new alerting tools on Kibana, but it is not optimal the way I need to maintain thresholds that are shown in dashboards/visualizations and alerts separately. It is really helpful to see at glance which metrics have alerts and what the threshold is.
Is there a way that I could show alerts thresholds directly on the dashboard without having to manually add a threshold to the visualization?

Grafana has this feature, where I can define an alert while creating a visualization and it will show up as a threshold in the dashboard automatically:

We don't yet have this feature in Kibana, however we do have a Github issue to track progress on integrating the new alerting system with visualizations. Once this is done it will pave the way for the type of UI you are describing here... I'd encourage you to follow along with the issue if you are interested keeping up to date with our progress in this area.

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