Show Alerts Data in Custom Dashboard

I want to see if its possible to recreate alerts visualizations in a custom dashboard.
Currently the alerts are under their areas (like Observability, Security).
I wanted to see if I can make a similar visualization in a dashboard. Perhaps to show a quick view of active alerts?

Any idea how I can accomplish this?

Hello Erik,

I think it's possible to create a custom dashboard to visualize your alerts in Elasticsearch.

You need to identify the index where your alerts are stored. Usually, alerts are stored in a system index, but the exact name can vary depending on your setup.
You can create a new Index Pattern in Kibana that matches your alerts index.
After creating the Index Pattern, you can go to the Dashboard section in Kibana and create a new dashboard and add various types of visualizations based on the fields in your alerts index.


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Thanks! I knew it was possible!

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