Creating alerts in Kibana for a specific query


I am struggling with creating an alert on Kibana. I have the license and have Slack notification connected. I have logs coming in from a HIDS and from those logs, which has logs for many different kind of activities, I only need to extract information regarding any new file created. I am assuming here that I will be using a 'Metric Threshold' alerting here to trigger an alert if the alert mechanism detects a log for any new file created in let's say, past 5 minutes.

How can I create an alert for that because in the 'Metric Threshold' settings option I don't see an option to put in a query that can help the mechanism to extract only the new file added logs from the entire set.

I saw a filter option where I can add in KQL, but I don't know how to add the index value in KQL because again, in setting I don't find an option for select index.

Kibana: 7.7.1

Please help


So if I understood correctly, you need to use the Log Threshold. To be able to see the fields from your index, make sure it is included in the Logs application settings.


Thank you @admlko for your reply. Where can I setup log threshold alerting cause the one I have only show index and metric threshold.

-- Vish

Sorry but I think you have to update.
I cannot seem to find it quickly which version introduced the feature, but at least the latest has it :slight_smile:

Kibana v7.x

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