Create alerts for logs ingestion in kibana

I'm trying to create an alert for log ingestion alert.
ex- If we have one index pattern and logs stopped coming to the kibana for the last 5 min, Can we create an alert for this in kibana?

Yes, you can use the Index Threshold rule type.

You would need to configure the alert to trigger if the number of documents for a period the time is below some specific number.

@leandrojmp Thank you for the reply, How do I add a slack webhook URL for the alerts?

Do you a have a paid license or are you using the free basic license?

With the free basic license you can't add a slack webhook, the only actions available are the log one, which will log the alert in kibana's log and the index one, which will write the alert to a specific index.

If you have a paid license you just need to follow the documentation on how to create a Slack action.

Thanks @leandrojmp,
I am able to create alerts but when I received the alerts it look plain alert, I'm trying to customize messages like adding color code, In which language message should be written?

Which action are you using?

The alert is in plain text, any customization will be done on the destination of the action, if it allows it.

Slack action I'm using.

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